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The efficient power nozzle Silvent 795-L | The most powerful on the market!


With 360 N, the new SV 795-L is the most powerful compressed air nozzle on the market. Compared to the previous leader, the SV 780-L, it has 33 % more power. For this considerable extra power, the powerful SV 795-L requires only 5 % more air. This efficient use of compressed air is possible thanks to the latest blowing technology. The supersonic-speed core jet is protected by a parallel air film. In addition to its extreme power and efficient use of air, the SV 795-L scores with its very compact design. It is not only much more powerful than the SV 780-L, but also more compact. Due to its powerful characteristics, the SV 795-L laval nozzle is ideal for blowing off and cleaning water and scale from the slabs in hot rolling mills (steelworks).

SV 795-L vs. SV 780-L

Silvent 795-L Stainless steel laval nozzle

360 N | 1850 Nm³/h | 60x90 mm
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Silvent 780-L Stainless steel laval nozzle

270 N | 1750 Nm³/h | 85x99mm
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