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swepro green - Our certificate from GLS KlimaProtect!


swepro will continue to ship with GLS KlimaProtect in 2021. The parcel shipping company GLS has developed a special ecology programme to protect the environment and make parcel shipping 100% climate neutral.

swepro has consciously decided to actively participate in the GLS KlimaProtect programme in order to give a signal and ensure sustainable and future-proof parcel shipping. In addition, we make a valuable, active contribution to climate protection and improve our own environmental balance at the same time.

More about the GLS ClimateProtect-Programme

Within the framework of the GLS KlimaProtect programme, more targeted activities in the form of compensation, reduction and avoidance of Co² emissions, could be implemented. These include:

  • Use of 100% sustainable electricity
  • Increased use of eVehicles, eVans and eBikes
  • Minimisation of transport routes
  • Expansion of depots and infrastructure
  • Promotion of emission-free delivery in inner cities
  • Establishment of micro depots close to cities

Our GLS KlimaProtect certificate

By receiving the KlimaProtect certificate, we can prove that our shipping is CO²-neutral. We are happy to be able to make our commitment to environmental protection visible.