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Compressed air facts

7 Facts about Compressed Air - What You Should Know

In industry, compressed air is used in a wide range of applications. In many cases, compressed air is used for blowing off and cleaning products, parts and components. The following facts provide an overview of the potential savings, existing risks and the correct handling of compressed air during blowing off.


Many compressed air guns are not safe!!

Compressed air guns generate a very high pressure on a limited area. If the air nozzle accidentally passes through the skin, air can get into the human circulatory system.

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Compressed air is very expensive!

Air is freely available and free of charge. Unfortunately, this does not apply to compressed air. The production of compressed air requires a great amount of energy.

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Your hearing never forgets!

Noise does not directly produce pain in most cases, but in the long term noise damages hearing.

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Volume says nothing about the performance!

Loud machines and devices are often associated with a powerful performance. A fatal mistake, because this is how especially loud tools and machines often find their way into businesses.

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High price for cheap solutions!

Whether it's a homemade blow-off system or quickly ordering a few cheap compressed air guns online, the quick and easy solutions are attractive at first glance. However, three reasons speak against these "solutions"

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There is a compatible compressed air gun for every application!

Compressed air guns are used in a wide range of applications. In companies, mostly already existing compressed air guns are used for all applications.

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An important sense - Small chips and splinters can have big consequences!

Our eyes are a very important and at the same time a very sensitive organ. Flying particles are a great source of danger for our eyesight.

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